Rumor Mill: Twista Recruits Buk, Do or Die & Johnny P for Category F5

Andrew Barber 0

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Now, I’m not one to gossip (so to speak), but rumor has it that Twista has really gone back to basics for Category F5.  Not only has he returned to work with The Legendary Traxster for a bulk a the album’s production, but I’m hearing that he’s recruited Buk (of Psychodrama), his old cronies Do or Die as well as the man with the pimperish pipes (pause?), Johnny P, all to feature on the album.

Now, I’m not going to get too excited, as this hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Category F5 is sounding better and better by the day.

Not to mention the track he has with Kanye West, which is just pure insanity.  All you Twista nay-sayers may be eating your words come June 16th.