Mixtape: Timbuck2 Presents – Drake Live in Chicago

Andrew Barber 0

You guys remember the Drake show from a few weeks ago, right?

The concert was one of the most talked about, and discussed shows that I can remember in Chicago, and Timbuck2, who spun at the event, was smart enough to record it.

Tim got with Mike Kolar masterer (is that a word?) extraordinaire to create a mixtape of the event, Timbuck 2 Presents – Drake Live in Chicago.  And you can download a copy for yourself now.  You know you wanted to be a part of the whole Debacle, now you can.

Update: I forgot to mention, Chuck Inglish did an exclusive remix of “Replacement Girl” which is a bonus cut on the mixtape. Be sure to check that out as well.

Timbuck2 Presents – Drake Live in Chicago

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