Video: Ptoda Live @ the Exit Fake Shore Drive Showcase

Andrew Barber 0

Despite the torrential downpour in Chicago last night, the Exit Fake Shore Drive Showcase still had a great turnout.  And regardless of some wack opening acts (sorry!) and the Bighomie D.O.E. vs. the Sub-T security staff, the evening ran rather smoothly.  I think a couple mics got broken, and some patrons were caught trying to sneak “burners” inside the club, but hey, I guess that’s ‘rap’ for you.

The likes of Mikkey Halsted, Naledge, Mikey Rocks (The Cool Kids), Mic Terror, Million $ Mano, Timbuck2, Jay iLLa and MarVo all came out to cheer on the opening acts and the headliners.  And Hustle, well, you know Hustle never disappoints.

Here we have Ptoda’s live set from last night, with studio tracks to accompany.  If anyone has any footage of Mick Luter or Skooda Chose, please feel free to share.