Vintage Video: Bump J & Sly Polaroid Interview from 2004

Andrew Barber 0

Ahhh….this takes me back to better days.  This interview was filmed back in 2004 when the Goon Squad was alive and thriving, and prior to Sly’s (and Bump’s) stint in jail. 

Knowledge had to say:

We went into the vault of and dusted this joint off. In 2004 we linked with Goon Squad bosses Bump J and Sly Polaroid. Shots out to my man Cha Chee and “G” who made it happen. The Good Squad slid through the spot out west 20 deep! This was my first introduction to Bump and Sly and their music. As Bump is waiting for better days and Sly P is putting in work pushing multiple projects, I felt this was good timing for those who had never seen it.

Props to UrbanWire.TV