FSD + The Truth Awards: FSD Artist of the Year

Andrew Barber 0

Sorry, I don’t have the ’09 logo…

Okay, so I’m sure most of you within the Chicago industry are familiar with The Truth Awards.  If not let me give you some background:  The Truth Awards are a Chicago awards ceremony celebrating the best and brightest in urban entertainment, hailing from the City of Wind.  This year marks it’s 8th anniversary, and we’ve paired up with them to bring you a new category – the Fake Shore Drive Artist of The Year.

So what I need is a list of 5 artists, who my readers think are eligible for this nomination.  Obviously there are a few people who already have the nomination locked up, but I’m curious to see who YOU think deserves this honor.

These nominees should be artists who’ve had a significant impact on Chicago’s hip hop scene over the span of the last 12 months, have dropped solid content and are fan favorites on the site.  This list of 5 will be placed on The Truth Awards website (which goes live next week), where anyone and everyone can vote.

Thoughts? Comments?  People on these polls consistently cheat?  You can cheat from your iPhone? 

Speak on it!