Phil G – “We Like 2 Party (Saturday Night)” (Prod. by Tony Baines)

Andrew Barber 0

What’s that Mikkey x Phil G joint I’m hearing previewed in the beginning?

Phil G finally sent over his track “We Like 2 Party” which will be digitally available soon on Marance/Blue Star Technologies for download, so sorry, for now, you can only stream.   Phil’s gotta eat!

By the way, you know Marance is Joe Jackson’s label, right?  You know, the one he’s been plugging?

Phil had this to say to the FSD readers:

What up G’s. I am so grate full that the response all across the board is GooD!!! Thank you all for your feedback. My whole intention in making this record available for you all to listen to was to get the stamp of approval from the crib 1st! This song will be marketed and distributed worldwide with Marance / Blue Star Technologies behind it. By me being a true hip hopper, in my heart the respect and the love from where I come from is the most important to me and I promise G’s that in the spirit of realness and authentic hip hop music I will restore that void that we all know is there. Be sure to support your boy when the single becomes available for purchase. Love is Love, and hate by default is weak and inevitably dies. So PhilGooD!!