Vic Spencer – “The Group Home Felon”

Andrew Barber 0

The Brainiac Society’s Vic Spencer is one of my favorite new and up-and-coming emcees from the Chi. His voice and delivery has always reminded me of a young, Midwestern version of Roscoe P. Coldchain .

I’ve been posting Vic’s music for a while now, but it wasn’t until I heard his verese on Naledge’s “My Brother’s Keeper” (from Chicago Picassco <- in stores now), that I was really jumped on the band wagon.  I recently spoke to Vic about the verse and I asked where he came up with the idea for it.  Well, the vivid picture he paints is actually a true story about losing his younger brother.  After he told me that it hit me pretty hard and made me realize that’s what hip hop is all about – vivid imagery.

Here he’s back with another track which describes his life growing up in the DCFS system.  Shit is real on this one.

And finally, I’d like to announce the upcoming Vic Spencer mixtape, Vic Magorium, Hip-Hop Emporium, brought to you by Fake Shore Drive, Brainiac Society and Nez & Rio.  Stay tuned for more details on that as well.

Vic Spencer – “The Group Home Felon”