Video: Rhymefest on Garrard McClendon Live

Andrew Barber 0


‘Fest chatted it up with Garrard McClendon last night on CLTV to discuss the opening of a proposed Walmart on Chicago’s Southside. Local government has been arguing about this opening since early 2004, and yesterday the Chicago City Council AGAIN delayed the decision and will reconvene on a later date. The world’s largest retailer and the unions can’t seem to come to an agreement.

Last week I posted a video of ‘Fest protesting in favor of this Walmart at City Hall and it was met with mixed reviews. Some people thought it was a good thing, others claimed that there is no place for a Walmart on the Southside as it will shut down virtually all small business owners. Others claimed it was a publicity stunt, and hell, even Ron Mexico at XXL weighed in on it.

In the vid above (step up your player CLTV! Ha!) Rhymefest defends his stance and elaborates on his decision to support the Big Box coming to his neighborhood.

Fun fact: Sometimes when I’m bored, I enjoy calling into CLTV shows and pranking them. True story. You may have heard me.

Props to RTC