Video: Twista Coaches Kids @ USF + Category F5 Breakdown

Andrew Barber 0

The video is a bit lengthy but there are definitely some jewels here.

Twista gives advice to kids at USF about the pros and cons of the game, and also points out to ring tone rappers that they should promote themselves more in their music

Also, over at, they sit down with Twista and breakdown Category F5 track by track.  He expains how everything came together and even talks about the much-talked about omissions “She Got It” and “Problems” with Tech N9ne.

Raptalk.Net: “Problems” with Tech N9ne.

Twista: “Problems” fell into the same category of things that we couldn’t get things completed before the release, particularly due to the sample on the hook where it says “Problems.” It gave us problems to clear the sample. With how you’re able to put out music to the public today, I wasn’t really upset about this one because we still threw the track out there. The song is definitely out there for people to hear and listen to for free.

Raptalk.Net: “She Got It” featuring Bobby Valentino, produced by Jim Jonsin.

Twista: That pissed me off right there. It was just a bunch of crazy things happening with the business with that track. I couldn’t get it done fast enough to have on the album. That was one that really hurt me that it didn’t get on the album. That one hurts right there. It always happens when you’re putting together projects, you gotta’ keep moving and do what you do. I was definitely happy with everything that I was able to put on the album.