Video: Wildstyle (of Crucial Conflict) Interview with Status TV

Andrew Barber 0

Now these are the type of interviews I like. Here, Status TV interviews Wildstyle of legendary Chicago hip hop group Crucial Conflict. Wildstyle really opens up on this one and speaks on the Cru Con and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony comparisons, the diss tracks and how they briefly unified prior to 2Pac’s death at a Farrakhan conference. A good piece of trivia would be that Bone thought Crucial dissed them on “Showdown”. Well, the beef is obviously squashed in 2009.

Later, Wildstyle talks about how he brought the ‘Midwest Bounce’ to the game, and the entry of Crunk into the music industry.  He also recounts a concert where Jay-Z and Ja Rule opened up for CC, and how Jay’s music later was influenced by the ‘Midwest Bounce’.
He also breaks down how his style differs from that of Twista’s and other groups such as Psychodrama and the Snypaz.

And lastly, he discusses R. Kelly’s CC chain, which he wore in the video for Rick Ross’ “Speedin”.