Video: YP – Lottery Pick TV [Episode 17]

Andrew Barber 0

Ha! I see this one came with a disclaimer. I was wondering why “Send Him Off” was blaring at the beginning. It was only a Bump mixtape, people! No need for alarm.  Word to Del.

YP on the way to the lab! Disclaimer-WE LOVE TWISTA! We were listening to a Bump mixtape while taping! LOVE TO GMG! Also a “CLASSIFIED” GSA(Ghetto Service Announcement) & YP recording “Nightmare” & “Over East”

YP’s Classifed drops next Tuesday, and be sure to come to the release party at Jugrnaut as well as the performance/afterparty at Lit featuring Mikkey Halsted, Skooda Chose and Bighomie Doe. Details here.