WBC’s ’25 Rappers From The Chi You Should Know…’ List

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I touched briefly on this list a few weeks ago when Writers Block Club released a teaser clip for their now-released third issue.  So if you missed it, let me fill you in:  Writers Block Club, a Chicago e-magazine, just released a list entitled ’25 Rappers From the Chi You Should Know Already…’, which some might take as the Top 25 most buzzing emcees in the City of Wind, who have yet to blow on a national scale.

I wasn’t sure who was going to make the list, or if I would agree on who DID make the list, but now that it’s released, I’d figured I’d post it for sh*ts and giggles and to see what everyone thinks.

You can download the full issue for FREE here, which features a bunch of Chicago rap lists, including websites, clothing lines and record labels.  They even review The Fake Shore Drive Mixtape.  Anyhoo, check out the list below and hit the jump for the ‘Honorable Mentions’

Writers Block Club – Issue #3 [download]

Their 25:

Brandun Deshay
Shayla G
Drunken Monkeee
Mikkey Halsted
Soundmaster T
Project Mayhem
Young Blaze
Ang 13
H20 Soul
The Pope
Mic Terror
Crystal LaJuene
Reno Chinati
Phil G
Malakh El
Pugs Atomz
The Native Soul
Sam I Am

Honorable Mention
Mr. Greenweedz
Sly Polaroid
Big Sean
Rita J
Nick N Beans
Bishop G
LD Hablo
Skooda Chose
Bo Deal
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