Add-2 – “Superman”

Andrew Barber 0

The title of this song got me thinking about various Hip-Hop tracks with “Superman” in the title.  I never really cared for Eminem’s “Superman”, it struck me as something the masses and people who weren’t that into hip hop really enjoyed.  “Black Superman” by Above the Law was an absolute classic, in my opinion, from their super slept-on album, Uncle Sam’s Curse.  The “Soopaman Lova” series from Redman started out entertaining, but then began to bore me after a while.  Hate to sound so cynical here.  The silver lining is this “Superman” track from Add-2.  Definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

Add-2 releases the new song Superman produced by IIL Meel. Tale Of Two’s City Vol.3: The Rise & Fall drops this FRIDAY presented by Okayplayer & 2Dopeboyz. Cover Art, tracklist & new layout coming this week.

Add-2 – “Superman” (Prod. by IIL MEEL)