AJ Crew feat. Rhymefest – “Destiny & Desire”

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And the award for song emailed to me the most times in one night goes to…


…wait for it….

…keep waiting….

*opens envelope*

AJ Crew and Rhymefest for “Destiny & Desire”!!!  [APPLAUSE]

All jokes aside, though, the little homie AJ Crew has been perfecting this track for quite some time over at Soundscape Studios and I’m happy to be able to finally post it.  It’s something laid back and smooth, with AJ coming off as a young Q-Tip (no Magoo), with ‘Fest including a stellar verse.  Props to all parties involved.  Look for AJ’s debut, Nightmares & Daydreams to drop on September 1st.

AJ Crew feat. Rhymefest – “Destiny & Desire”

Props IllRoots