George Daniels: The Fake Shore Drive Interview – Coming Soon

Andrew Barber 0

You may or may not be keeping up with me on Twitter, but if you do, you obviously saw the warning shots I’ve been firing off in regards to the official Fake Shore Drive interview with George Daniels that I conducted last night at CRC studios (thanks to Lindsey Perryman).

We spoke candidly for almost two hours about his history in music from a retailers standpoint, his early days at Chess Records and watching the Jackson 5 audition for the first time, how and why he started George’s Music Room and how he plans to reopen the West Side location, his thoughts on the current state of music and much, much more.

Yes, you may only know him from being name dropped in the latest Kidz In The Hall song, seeing him in R. Kelly videos, or perhaps attending every single important Chicago music event, but there’s so much more to this “Triple O.G.” than you may know.  I was thoroughly impressed and walked away with a wealth of knowledge that I didn’t have prior to yesterday.  This man has earned his rep, and all the accolades he receives.   And yes, this is me honoring a legend while he’s still living, something we don’t do enough.

Be on the lookout for the video interview coming soon, shot by Brandon Riley.