Mixtape: Hotstylz – A.D.D. (Chaperoned by DJ MoonDawg)

Andrew Barber 0

I’m curious to know what MD 20/20’s chaperone duties consist of. 

These guys are still signed to Swag Team/Jive Records under Yung Joc, and have put this mixtape together prior to their debut album.  It’s definitely something new, funny and creative that they are bringing to the game.  Not the same old, same old.  Take a listen and see for yourself.

Hotstylz – A.D.D. (Chaperoned by DJ MoonDawg)

1. Rob Dis Bitch ft John Blu

2. Bate ft Hot 2 Def

3. Michael Phelps ft Hot 2 Def

4. Auntie Booty

5. Go Looney

6. Go Dutch

7. Dead Beat Skit

8. Ho’s N Dis House

9. New Student

10. Heartbeat ft Squad One

11. Hell Naw

12. She’s A Freak

13. I Love Pussy Skit

14. Faucet ft Yung Joc

15. Play Your Position ft Bobby Valentino

16. Mrs Pacman

17. Come See About Me

18. Last Word Skit

19. Monkey In A Wig

20. Rollie Pollie ft Yung Joc

21. Thik and Fye ft Twista

22. Cheap Liquor
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