Preview: Really Doe – First Impressions

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Last night, I had the opportunity to hit the studio with Really Doe to get an early preview of his upcoming album, First Impressions, which drops next week (8-18-09) on Cartel Records.

It’s really pretty amazing how this album was announced with a firm release date, a little over a month prior to hitting the streets; and the release date actually stuck. No push backs, no preliminary mixtapes, just a debut album, ready for the world to hear. However, if you thumb through many of this month’s music magazines, you’ll find full page Really Doe ads. Also, if you happen to be driving around Chicago, LA or NYC, you just might see a Really Doe billboard staring you in the face (Chi-Town: corner of Ashland and Diversy), so you know that Cartel Records isn’t just half-assing this. They have a full plan in place, and last night I was brought into their world to hear and see for myself.

Let’s take a closer look and see what kind of impression, First Impressions made on me. [bad joke]

Sew It Up

That classic G.O.O.D. Music feeling on the lead off track. As his camp has previously stated, there’s something for everyone on this album, and I can confirm that to be true. Sounds like the College Dropout in the 2009 era. Add in an Uncle Rico reference, as well as comparing the Bulls dynasty to GOOD Music – I’ll take it.


RPS = Rock, Paper, Scissors. Acronym. This one has that ‘Windy City Soul’ vibe, with a 90’s infused synth on it.  So far both tracks have been very solid.


A super uplifting and up-tempo track. So uplifting, in fact, Really Doe jumped out of his seat to perform it for us. Everyone in the studio was signing along to it and that’s usually a good sign. One line that caught my attention was “I’m living out my dreams, and that’s hip hop”. That’s always been my dream, and I have to applaud anyone who can make that happen (realistically, that is)

Million Dolla

I’ve heard this sample once flipped on a Sadat X record, but this version is far superior. The track is about selling as well as being sold that Million Dollar Dream.

Mesmerized feat. Danny Klein

The big first single. I got the chance to watch the video last night, which was just picked up by BET, and it’s really nice. Super glossy and highly professional. They definitely dropped some dough on it.

They Say

Another dope track. A very worldly joint with a Chicago feel to it…if that makes any sense. This is not to be confused with another GOOD Music song of the same name.

Checkin’ In

Kinda like a 2009 version of 2Pac’s “Check out Time”. But on ecstasy. Doe told me if you’ve spent a lot of time on the road touring or traveling, then you can relate. I haven’t, but I can pretend.


Really Doe going insane on the track. I heard the plans for the video and it sounds quite entertaining. Doe is a huge horror film buff, so you can see where he’ll be going with this.

Follow Me

I haven’t heard this sample since Kurious’s “I’m Kurious”. Doe described this one as the “summer time rolling down Lake Shore with your windows down” record.


Possibly the second single? This leaked yesterday, and it definitely has a West Coast vibe to it. The entire album was recorded in LA, so at least one of the songs was bound to have that West Side vibe.

Rich or Wealth

Which would you rather be – rich or wealth?  Really Doe discusses the difference between both in the song. In his last verse he tells a true story involving an old white man in crusty kicks, that jumps in a Bentley. Just wait for it.

My City

The ode to that old Chicago hate and how we can fix it! This is the anti-Haterville anthem. We do need to work together, though. Seriously.

Plastic feat. Kanye West

You know this one. The absolute monster that leaked well over a year ago. Still good to hear this one. Don’t make me swipe my card.

Opera Love

This was on the FSD & Timbuck2 mixtape from a few months ago. You probably remember it. This has been replayed and remastered as well, giving it a “heavier” feel.

So Hot

…it feels like peeing after being burnt! Get it? Another bad joke, I know. But seriously, this track has a very “Miami” feel to it. So Miami and smooth sounding, that Doe should consider recruiting Officer Ricky for the remix. Boss!

Fabrics feat. GLC & Malik Yusef

Really D. Williams recruits two fellow G.O.O.D. Music artists for “Fabrics”. The title is in reference to what clothe you’re cut from – because we’re obviously all cut from a different clothe. Some from leather, and some from, well, silk. I gotta tip my hat to GLC on this one as he absolutely snaps. His verse incorporates everyone from Michael Jackson and Xanax to Steve McNair and his mistress. Malik finishes off the track with some of his words of wisdom, before letting GL kick his last bit of knowledge. GL is the new Pimp C, as any song he’s on, he should at least have one minute to just “speak on it”, if you will.

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