Rhymefest Is: Minister Mischief

Andrew Barber 0

At least he is on the set of his new video for “Prosperity”, the first official single from the long-awaited El Che.

This past Friday, July 24, 2009, I shot my first video for the new album. The title of the song is “Prosperity” and it’s about televangelists and religious leaders that exploit people. One night I was watching TV and the televangelist said “GAWD, wants to change your life!” and it inspired me to write the song. In order to get the actors and actresses for the song, I sent out an open call through Twitter, Facebook & Myspace, and lots of people came out.

We’re shooting a video for every song on this album. Look out for the next open call and enjoy the pics. My character Minister Mischief wants to save your soul and lighten your burden by lightening your pockets!

Related:  I received an email earlier today from Fest’s camp, stating that camp is PISSED that someone took the Jadakiss verse from “What”s Up” (also featuring Chamillionaire) and used it for another song that recently leaked.  Now, Fest isn’t pissed at Ja-to-the-Muah, but he is a bit salty at the producers behind the beat.  ‘Fest is to address this later on today on his website.  Stay tuned.