Rhymefest vs. St. Laz

Andrew Barber 0

So the other day, you probably read on my Minister Mischief post that Che had beef with some producers over a Jadakiss which was taken from a Rhymefest song, and ended up on a Cookin’ Soul produced track by St. Laz.  Well, the verse, which was later found out to be a blend, got Fest pissy and lead to a Twitter rant aimed at Cookin’ Soul.  Fest was supposed to address the matter on his website, but I’m not sure that ever happened and everything was cleared up.

Well, that is until today when St. Laz released this Rhymefest diss record.  Apparently, (as you can see above) ‘Fest doesn’t feel the need to respond, but I doubt this is the end of this situation.

St. Laz – “Rhymefest Diss” [via 2DB]