Video: Da Internz & Teddy Riley Remix “Remember The Time” [Da Internz TV – Ep. #19]

Andrew Barber 0

So, as the story goes, Teddy Riley caught wind of the “Remember The Time (Remix)” Da Internz were working on a few weeks ago. You may remember I posted the video here. Anyhoo, as some of you know (and more probably don’t), Teddy Riley produced the original version of MJ’s “Remember The Time”, which just so happens to be one of my favorite tracks from his illustrious catalog. Well, Teddy heard the record and bugged out. Which lead to Teddy dropping by the studio to hear the record and offer further insight.

Now, I don’t know what you kids call an honor, but I’d be floored if Teddy Riley showed up to my studio and began to tell me stories of how Michael Jackson named his album Blood on the Dance Floor, in memory of Teddy’s fallen bodyguard, and then praised my production skills.  I guess that would be pretty cool. 

Kosine elaborates:

This story starts back when i was in miami shortly after Michael Jackson passed I told tuo we had to do a tribute to mike, and he was down instantly. All of us are huge mike fans, so we had to do our part you know. We also asked Mishon (INTERSCOPE RECORDS/ #5 VIDEO ON 106&PARK IN 4DAYS) to help us out becuase his record is doing GREAT, he’s just an amazing talent you know. After we posted the vid, THE INTERNET WENT NUTS! The actual engineer who mixed the original “remember the time” record, Jean-Marie, hit us and told us the remix was dope and he was down to support (it’s on facebook in the comment section) THAT WAS BIG. Then Mishon’s Label said they wanted the song mixed and mastered for placement on his album. LASTLY TEDDY RILEY THE ACTUAL PRODUCER OF REMEMBER THE TIME CAME TO THE STUDIO TO SEE ABOUT THE RECORD CUZ HE HEARD IT OVER THE PHONE AND THOUGHT IT WAS CRAZY!

For your reference: The video that got this all started.