Video: DJ Vadim feat. Pugs Atomz – “Saturday”

Andrew Barber 0

Great video. Great cameos. Great song. A+++++++. ‘Nuff said.

All my Nine-to-Fivers put your hands up.

Dj. Vadim ft. Pugs Atomz in “Saturday” a single from Vadim’s latest album U can’t lurn imaginashun On BBE. The video was directed by Jose Fonseca klipartstudio, the Klip Art team also created a website for the video. is live and working, it features the Saturday music video, behind the scenes media and more.Check back everyday, their will be something added to the site…Free exclusive music downloads from Pugs Atomz, DJ Vadim, and DJ Intel Mixes, and last but not least the Saturday Video Game. Check it out, and stay tuned all week.