Is Shawnna Signed to Nappy Boy Records: “No Comment”

Andrew Barber 0

Is she DTP?  Is she Nappy Boy?  Is Battle of the Sexes ever coming out?  I mean, other than Luda tweeting about it from time to time, and that one leak – it doesn’t really seem like the ball is rolling.  Is she planning to leave DTP?  I know (err…heard) over the past few years her relationship with DTP has been on again off again, but she further fueled the flames after proclaiming she was signed to Nappy Boy on the recent leak from T-Pan, “Dope”.

XXL Writes:

Yesterday (September 21) a new track by T-Pain and Shawnna hit the net, with Pain introducing her as the newest member of his Nappy Boy roster.

On the track, “Dope,” which finds Pain returning to his rapping roots, Shawnna proudly starts her verse off by spitting: “It ain’t no secret that lyrically I’m the reason Nappy Boy had to put me on their team.”

When contacted by to find out if she was officially signed to the label, Nappy Boy records said “no comment.”

Surprisingly the T-Pain collabo comes after news that Shawnna is working on an album with longtime associate Ludacris entitled Battle of the Sexes. XXL contacted Luda’s DTP records to see if the album is still in the works. Label rep AJ Dixon said it is still a priority at the label, but as of press time there is no release date.