MarVo Joins Group with Cory Gunz? + Mixtape News

Andrew Barber 0

Fresh off the release of Cory Gunz latest mixtape, word is circulating that MarVo is joining up with Gunz and some of Hip Hop’s other young guns (no pun!) to form a nationwide group called the Militia (not be confused with this Militia), representing all sections of the U.S. of A.  I’m being told a lot of major things are in the works, so I’ll definitely keep you posted as I hear more.

Also…Vo is prepping the release of an upcoming mixtape Connected, which is a Supreme Money Makers, The Aphilliates and The Associates collaboration.  It’s going to feature a whole slew of Chicago artists:

Supreme Money Makers, The Associates and The Aphilliates are teaming up to put together the “Connected” Mixtape hosted by DJ V-Dub and DJ- Drama featuring songs by MARVO, Sly Polaroid, L.E.P., Mikkey Halsted, Bump J, GLC, YP, etc. dropping at the end of October. For more information about the “Connected” Mixtape, send all inquiries to [email protected]