Video: Mike Flo Kicked Off Stage @ African Fest

Andrew Barber 0

Damn, damn, damn James…

Chicago’s African Fest went down this weekend, and it featured performances from the likes of Souls of Mischief, The Pharcyde, Camp Lo and others.  One of Chicago’s homegrown acts, Mike Flo, also had a set, but it didn’t exactly go as planned.  I guess Flo’s politics irked a few people and he was subsequently booted from the stage during his performance of “Big Band”. 

I’ll let Gene tell it:

Flo was given 7 minutes to perform-after performing his version of D.O.A.(which is all of 3:30) and going into the 1st verse of his banger “Big Band”, Flo was asked to get off the stage due to time limits. He was then asked to finish the show after Souls, Pharcyde & Camp Lo. This is when Flo spoke up about the politics involved in the African Fest and how if the city isn’t sponsoring the FEST(which is 20 years strong), we should really be able to hold our own and do what WE feel is best for us! THE CROWD WAS TOTALLY WITH HIM!