Video: Mr. Whitefolks vs. the Chicago Police Department

Andrew Barber 0

“Go to the Bozo mutha f***in’ show, and kick mutha f***in’ ROCKS”

As I departed last night’s Jay-Z concert at the House of Blues, I heard a familiar voice yelling from around the corner. When I peaked my head around to see what all the fuss was about, I found the one and only Mr. Whitefolks, suited and booted, arguing with one of Chicago’s finest.  Heck, the CPD officer even challenged Mr. Whitefolks to a fistfight.  Yeah, the whole thing was pretty damn surreal.   Luckily, I was able to get a statement from Mr. Whitefolks before he made me kick rocks.  Chuuuch!

And if you don’t know who Mr. Whitefolks is, then you either didn’t get HBO in the late-nineties (which I did), or you don’t know nothin’ bout this pimpin’ (which I don’t).

Here’s a refresher for you.  Hit the 1:00 mark and do the knowledge.  Don’t get broke for reckless eyeballin’