Dis Tape King – “Mic Is Terrible” (Mic Terror Diss)

Andrew Barber 0

I got a big belly chuckle out of this “diss song”.  It’s quite possibly the worst song of all times.  Of all times!

“I guess he on Tweeter, out dere, tryna put down these women”

What’s a Tweeter? 

I’m not even sure what a Dis Tape King is, because he doesn’t list his location, or have any pictures on his myspace page, where this obscure and out-of-nowhere diss record originated.  I’m not even sure if this warrants a response from Mic T.  Dis Tape King’s page only lists this explanation:

“This is what happens when you try to disrespect the wrong people”

How do you try to disrespect someone?  Either you do or you don’t.  Right?  #FAIL

Dis Tape King – “Mic Is Terrible” (Mic Terror Diss)