Kanye Secretly Working in Chicago?

Andrew Barber 0

illseed over at AllHipHop is my homie, but you never know what you can and can’t believe in his rumors section.   Today he had a blurb about Kanye returning to Chicago to work with an artist that he gave a “hit” to some time ago – and the person is NOT Common.  And apparently, this bit of knowledge came from a “reliable source”.  Hmmm.  Well, my bullshit detector is beeping in the corner now, but sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.  Who really knows?

I mean, it’s not Twista (sources in his camp confirmed), I doubt it’s Bump J (that would be a feat), probably wouldn’t be Rhymefest.  So who can it be now? Cue up the Men At Work.

Who am I forgetting?  Hmmm….Lupe?  I don’t know.  Where do you guys stand on this?

via AHH

People are wondering where Kanye is. Well, from what I understand, Kanye is not over in India taking a religious sabbatical as reported. From what I understand, Kanye is right in Illinois and making music with a rapper he’s been affiliated with for a long time. That rapper’s name is ______. From what I was told by a super credible source is that Kanye was “around the way” very recently and is working with this rapper again, because they are close friends. I was told not to divulge the name of the rapper, because it could cause problems for somebody. But just understand that the rapper is 1) from Chicago, 2) not Common and 3) Helped Kamye score a huge hit. Anyway, Kanye just strolled in and people were shocked. Good to see him laying low.