Kanye West & Don C Receive Community Service

Andrew Barber 0

“Paparazzi all on me, I’m gettin my Don C on; take ya tape, but I’m ain’t gonna just break ya camera, I’ll break ya face, have my ***** take the case” -Bump J

Kanye and Don got off with a slap on the wrist over their mishap with that obnoxious Paparazzi fella at LAX last September. 

Says AHH

Kanye West received some good today (October 23) when a court commissioner dismissed criminal charges against the Chicago rapper.

West and his road manager Don Crawley were arrested on September 11 as they attempted to board a flight to Hawaii.

The pair were hit with the criminal charges after they pair broke a still camera and a video camera in the melee with the photographers.

The case was dismissed today, because West and Crawley settled reached civil settlements with the two photographers.

West must complete 50 hours of community service in exchange for the misdemeanor charges being dropped from the rapper’s record.

West and Crawley also completed 12 hours of anger management counseling as well.