Kanye West = Not Dead

Andrew Barber 0

As if anyone actually believed it!

If you participate in this thing called The Twitter, then you may have seen that RIP Kanye West was the #1 trending topic overnight.  Well, as you can see from the title of the post, it’s obviously not true.  Not unlike the rumor about Kanye secretly being in Chicago working with Lupe Rhymefest Twista Malik Yusef Bump J GLC Really Doe Mikkey Halsted Payroll White Boy.

It was all a hoax, ya big dummies.  Says MTV:

Despite what you may have read online, Kanye West did not die in a car accident on Tuesday. The rapper is just the latest celebrity to be bitten by fake death rumors, which rapidly spread on Twitter.

At press time, it was unknown where the rumor started, but some were pointing to the image board 4chan.org as the origin of the phony report that West had died in a crash involving two custom cars in Los Angeles. It quickly blossomed into e-mail chains and comment threads on Facebook and Twitter.

Computer security blog Sophos.com tracked the origins of the scam, tying it to hackers who used the rumor to push the false reports to the top of Internet search engine results. By Wednesday morning (October 21), “Kanye West died” (and variations of the phrase) was one of the most-searched topics on Google Trends.