Mixtape: Vic Spencer – Vic Magorium’s Hip Hop Emporium

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After a mixing mishap on Friday, V-I’s mixtape, Vic Magorium’s Hip Hop Emporium, was pushed back a few days.  No biggie, right?  Well, I’m proud to announce that the Brainiac Society + FSD sponsored unit is finally here for you to consume.  I’m glad it’s finally out.  Congrats Mr. Spencer.

Here’s a P.S.A. from V.I.C. in regards to his opus:

I’m sorry to all of my people that has been waiting on this mixtape. To be honest, I’ve been waiting to release it. The mixtape and I have been going through personal issues that enabled us to not get this out on the due date, which was October 9th, 2009. Overall, this mixtape is like my first child. I put my all into these records. Vic Magorium’s Hip-Hop Emporium is something magical. An artistic way to get to know me as a person. I would also like to thank everyone that had something to do with this mixtape. I thank everyone for being patient with me. I know for a fact it was well worth the wait. Be on the lookout for The Wrecking Crew Mixtape (Vic Spencer, Yung Wordmann, Deion O’ Bannon & Alex P. Keaton), The VICKS project (Vic Spencer & Vic Mensa) laterthis year and The Go Louis Project (Black Spade & Vic Spencer) will be out early 2010. Thank you for listening.

Vic Spencer – Vic Magorium’s Hip Hop Emporium

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1. Naledge Emporium (Intro.)

2. Victormized

3. B’s Up!!

4. The Thoroest Freestyle

5. Party

6. Til Infinity Freestyle

7. Naledge Emporium (Interlude..)

8. My Human Ipod

9. Im Different (Feat. Alex P. Keaton)

10. Feel (I Wish I Was Dead!)

11. Move (Feat. Dion O’Bannon & Yung Wordmann)

12. La-La (Feat. Naledge)

13. Cheers

14. Painting Pictures (Nez & Rio Remix

15. Brainiac Knights (Feat. Naledge, Vic Mensa & Fooch)

16. Naledge Emporium (Outro…)