Poor Ticket Sales Killed the Fame?

Andrew Barber 0

Today, TMZ is reporting that the reason Kanye West & Lady Gaga’s Fame Kills tour was canceled, was due to poor ticket sales.  They also add that Kanye & Gaga’s people were “at eachothers throats like their last names was Gosselin”.  Sounds like a rap line if I’ve ever heard one.

via TMZ

If Kanye West doesn’t regret hijacking Taylor Swift, he will now — we’re told his concert tour with Lady Gaga was scrapped because ticket sales sucked. And “sucked” happens to be a nicer version of the word we were told.

And not only that — our insiders say another factor in the cancellation was West and Gaga’s people were at each others throats like their last names were Gosselin.

When it came down do it, we’re told Gaga decided she’d be better off playing smaller venues … and far from the headache caused by Kanye’s ever present drama .

Really?  Are people really that upset about Kanye West’s outburst at the VMAs?  Really?  Get a life and get over it, people.  Find some rocks to kick or a bridge to jump off – seriously.

My suggestion?  Grab the G.O.O.D. Music fam and hit the road – your fans would be more excited about that anyway.  You saw how geeked people were at the RSVP Gallery + Sprite Green + G.O.O.D. Music joint.  Plus you’d be looking out for a whole lot of your people and bring a whole lot of attention to their projects.  But what do I know,   I’m just a blogger.