Red Eye Examines Delay of R. Kelly’s ‘Untitled’

Andrew Barber 0

Tracy Swartz at the Chicago Tribune publication, Red Eye, did a great feature on Robert Syvester’s new album, Untitled, which was supposed to drop today, but has since been delayed indefinitely.  And besides quoting me (plug!), the article does a good job breaking down the delay.  But…it does a better job of covering his Stans! 

And then there’s Keyonia Jones of the West Side. Jones, 24, came to the Cook County courthouse each day of R. Kelly’s trial on child pornography charges last year. She waited outside to watch the singer enter the courthouse and then she viewed the proceedings from the spectator rows inside.

That alone doesn’t make Jones an uberfan. There were a few other women who devoted themselves to pursuing Kelly around the courthouse at 26th Street and California Avenue. What sets Jones apart is that she named her son Robert three years ago. And if she has a girl, she’ll name her Kelly. Another boy? She’ll call him Sylvester.

All in the name of Robert Sylvester Kelly, whose new album, “Untitled,” was due to drop Tuesday but has been pushed back to sometime in the winter. R. Kelly’s name is so important that Jones had it tattooed on her back after the singer was acquitted. His name is framed in roses.

You remind me of something?

The hard copy has a solid Kells career time table as well, so you may want to hit a newsstand or a Red Eye drop box for one of those.  Head over to the Red Eye site to read the article in full.