Tracklisting: Vic Spencer – Vic Magorium: Hip Hop Emporium

Andrew Barber 0

I just got my hands on the tracklisting for Vic Spencers upcoming project, Vic Magorium: Hip Hop Emporium, brought to you by Brainiac Society and FSD.  It drops this Friday, October 9th.  Stay tuned.

1. Naledge Emporium (Intro.)
2. Victormized
3. B’s Up!!
4. The Thoroest Freestyle
5. Party
6. Til Infinity Freestyle
7. Naledge Emporium (Interlude..)
8. My Human Ipod
9. Im Different (Feat. Alex P. Keaton)
10. Feel (I Wish I Was Dead!)
11. Move (Feat. Dion O’Bannon & Yung Wordmann)
12. La-La (Feat. Naledge)
13. Cheers
14. Painting Pictures (Nez & Rio Remix
15. Brainiac Knights (Feat. Naledge, Vic Mensa & Fooch)
16. Naledge Emporium (Outro…)


17. Slide Down The Pole (Feat. Naledge & Bighomie Doe)
18. Good Morning, Good Night (Feat. Vic Mensa)
19. You Can Do It Too (Feat. Naledge)

all tracks produced by Nez & Rio..(except the BONUS cuts)