Video: Arlo (of Trailblazerz MPC) – Arlo’s Jeezy Attack [Trailer]

Andrew Barber 0

Arlo’s crazy, man. Yesterday, I got this Dead Presidents-infused trailer for “Arlo’s Jeezy Attack”, so I had to ask him what this was for. What it a Jeezy diss? No. Was he making a spoof to Dead Prez? Not really. I had to get with Arlo (NHJIC) to figure out where he was going with this. Here he gives a very in-depth explanation:

the title of the track was inspired by the “Snow Man” himself.
it is actually a promo spot that was created to spread awareness about the trailblazer music pro co

Details: (in Young Jeezy Voice)
Well Andy… i was making the beat and i was called upon to name this track the “Jeezy Attack” Simply because of the composition’s active aggressiveness. in combination with the film “Dead Presidents” this track tells a heart wrenching story about a Man that fought for his country only to come home and fight for his own financial freedom. some portions of the clip are strictly for entertainment purposes but in an majority this promo spot resonates the overall fight of the everyday individual.

Since this clip is an initial installment please be on the look out for similar advancements in digital promotion from Arlo and the Almighty Trailblazer Music Production Company.