50 Cent Takes Chicago (Pics)

Andrew Barber 0

Yesterday, Clarence Jenkins Curtis Jackson was in the City of Hella Haters, to promote his new fragrance ‘Power’, and also to talk and premiere his new movie and album, both titled Before I Self Destruct.

50 also hit all of the major television and radio stations on this hectic promo run, and the footage for that is slowly trickling out – unfortunately, he didn’t do any blog promo (treated).  Curtis also dropped by Macy’s around noon yesterday to meet and greet fans who purchased “50’s Scent” (NBC’s words, not mine), and as you can see from the pics, his fans came out in droves.  Word on the street was that 50 had a motorcade that could rival Barack Obama’s, one commenter said “Jay-Z don’t even roll like that when he in the city.” 

Last night, 50 premiered his movie for ‘Before I Self Destruct’, which will be accompanying the album of the same name when it hits stores.  Also included with the CD will be a DVD documentary about the death of Jam Master Jay – which actually looked a lot more interesting than the ‘BISD’ movie.

50 addressed the packed theater prior to the start of the movie – and described how he’s had the acting bug as of late.  Hey, he even stayed to watch the entire flick with fans, and actually sat two rows behind me.  The Chicago crowd received Curtis with open arms and cat calls from the crowd went on throughout the entire movie, for example: “I’ll have a baby by you 50”, “Thisis50.com” and “Why you did ’em like that 50”

Before I Self Destruct is nothing but Aggressive Content.  No comment on Lloyd Banks’ acting skills, though.