MarVo – “10 Rap Commandments” [No DJ]

Andrew Barber 0

Here’s a No DJ version of Vo’s “10 Crack Commandments”.  Vo goes in for you industry dum dums.  And yes, he’s holding the diamond plaque for Life After Death. 

MARVO and the Supreme Money Makers are still at it. MARVO gives us his “Ten Rap Commandments” of what to look out for, how to succeed and survive in the rap game over the late, great Notorious B.I.G.’s “10 Crack Commendments.” 1…2…..3….4….5….6….7…..8…..9….10! It’s the Ten Rap Commandments, What? Shout out to Buckwild!!!!

MarVo – “10 Rap Commandments” [No DJ]

Bonus: MarVo interview with Sixshot