MTV Jams – Chi Day – November 14th

Andrew Barber 0

I’ve been waiting on the go ahead from the powers that be at MTV, but it’s now official:  Chicago is taking over MTV Jams on November 14th.  That’s next Saturday, kiddos. 

All Chicago.  All day.  They’ll be playing non-stop videos from Chicago legends as well as clips from our current stars.  MTV has also brought WGCI (107.5) and FSD on board for this monumental event.  How do you like that?

We are now accepting video submissions from Chicago artists (indie, major, whatever) looking to have their professional clips featured on Chi Day.   These clips MUST be professional, edited and fit for national TV.  Nothing NSFW or featuring guns, bombs, blunts or swords.  You get the idea.  Please send your submissions to yours truly ASAP. 

In conclusion, this is big news for the Chicago music community, so please spread the word, mark your calendars and take to Twitter to help promote.  I’ll have some additional details soon, but let’s start with the one-sheeter above for now.

If you don’t have the MTV Jams channel, be sure to request it from your local cabel provider. 

Toast to MTV for making this happen!