Really Doe’s ’10 Man Commandments’

Andrew Barber 1

What do you know about Man Laws?  Are you trying to avoid finding yourself in serious shit?  Well, Really D. Williams is here to share his ’10 Man Commandments’ with everyone out there.  Square biz:

via AllHipHop

1.) Grown man should never text another man “K” meaning ok
2.) Man should never wiggle on there back to put on pants
3.) Grown man should not share popcorn at the movies
4.) Men should not order happy meals
5.) Men should not hold conversations naked in locker rooms
6.) Never buy jewelry from the back of the source
7.) Never let anyone shoot down your dreams
8.) Men should be punished for not taking care of there kids
9.) Men should never pop gum
10.) If a man falls in love with a slut you should always relocate her to a new surrounding (meaning the moon)