Video: Lupe Fiasco Dropping Mixtape on Turkey Day

Andrew Barber 0

So that’s Thursday. Will it really happen? Who’s placing bets?  No original beats?

“I’m finnin’ to house every single mode and arena I can get into,” Fiasco promised. “If y’all had somewhere where it’s live performances, I’m finnin to have the best live performances. If it’s mixtapes, I’m finnin’ to have the best mixtapes. If it’s albums again, it’s gonna be the best verse. If it’s the best dressed, I’m going hard as well.”

Lupe said the yet-untitled mixtape will be him going in over other MCs’ beats. “I got four days to figure it out,” he said about the title. “I’ve been dabbling with some names. I don’t know yet.”

Concerning the production, Lupe said he’s not going to let any original production go.

“Why waste it?” he said. “I still got my plan. I’m not finnin’ to diverge off my plan and my career and how I wanna roll my music out.”