Video: Lupe Fiasco Surprises Method Man & Redman On Stage

Andrew Barber 0

Snoop Dogg’s super smokey ‘Wonderland High’ tour stopped through Chicago last night, and also featured on the bill was the always entertaining Method Man and Redman, who brought their high energy act to the Congress Theater.  After Meth crowd surfed for the fifth time and Reggie Noble jumped off a 20 foot tall speaker, they winded their set down with a Chicago instrumental….which just so happened to be Lupe’s “Kick Push”.

Now, as Meth and Red were saying their goodbye’s with Soundtrakk’s soundtrack playing in the background, a shadowy figure emerged from behind the curtains and stormed the DJ booth.  I was in the balcony so I couldn’t make out exactly who it was – but once he skipped the record and snatched the mic from the DJ, we all knew who was in the house.  And seriously, Meth and Red were as stunned and suprised as the crowd.

Last night’s show was incredible; featuring Snoop, Devin, Daz, Kurupt, The Lady of Rage and Lupe all on stage.  More footage coming shortly.

Filmed by Brandon “N2ition” Riley