Video: R. Kelly Is The Panty Raider

Andrew Barber 0

Screw Method Man.  When it comes to raiding panties, Kells is King.  At Rob’s first of two Homecoming shows in Chicago, the Arruh received a treat from a female audience member.  After smelling and expecting, he took the panties into his onstage dressing room, where I thought he’d pull a Larry David (“I’m Larry David. I happen to enjoy wearing women’s panties”).  Instead, HE retured the favor and chucked a pair of his dirty draws back into the crowd.  After ringing them out, of course.  Mayhem insued. 

I knew if I’d missed this show last night, I’d have been kicking myself today.  It’s entertainment of the highest caliber.  I’ve never seen so many grown women lose their minds over Rob.  Ladies were screaming, crying, passing out and throwing panties on stage like rice at a wedding.  Despite his personal life, this man is still the Pied Piper of R&B and ruled this Chicago crowd with an iron fist.  Hats off.

Also, known to make songs up out of thin air, Kells made an ode to the red carpet he kept tripping over during the “Club” portion of his set.  I call this one “3 God Damn Times”