Video: Twista, Skooda Chose, Mikey Rocks @ Battle of Sexes Concert

Andrew Barber 0

Here’s some additional footage from Shawnna & Skooda Chose’s ‘Battle of the Sexes’ concert, which went down last Tuesday at the Wild Hare in Chicago.

We find Twista, Skooda Chose, Mikey Rocks, Shawnna, Really Doe and Dillaman all chopping it up backstage prior to the show.  Twista talks about his upcoming projects (including a new mixtape), while Skooda speaks on the FSD commenters.

The clip also includes Skooda performing “Loungin” with Mikey Rocks and bringing Twista to the stage for “Wetter” and “Yellow Light”.  And finally, we get a shot of Twista’s new black Lambo that he drove to the show.

Filmed and produced by Brandon “n2ition” Riley