Vintage Video: Crucial Conflict – Footage Fa Dayz (1996)

Andrew Barber 0

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Here’s some vintage video of Planet Cru Con on a Detroit-based Hip-Hop show entitled “Footage Fa Dayz”, back in 1996. They talk about their “upcoming” (at the time) album Good Side, Bad Side (yikes!), as well as  their artists and label Raw Dope Records.  They also discuss how they hooked up with Fab 5 Freddy and Pallas Records.  A must watch. 

Props AHH

Bloggers Edit:  I think the dates on this video are off because Good Side, Bad Side dropped at the tail end of 1998  (Oct. 20, 1998 to be exact), a.k.a. my senior year of High School.   I really doubt Crucial was out promoting GS, BS in 1996, seeing as that’s the same year The Final Tic dropped.