FSD Giveaway: The Cool Kids & Bun-B Live in Chicago December 10th

Andrew Barber 0

Lots of good shows popping up as of late, and this is definitely one of them. 

Bernard Freeman + The Cool Kids @ Reggie’s?  Wow.  Well, I’ve got two pairs of tix to give away.  I’ll also add that it’s an 18+ show.

The lucky winners will get to chill with Bun B, Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks after the show and get pics and what not.  You can thank Rich Parry and FSD for that one.  Ha!

Just answer the FSD trivia question and send me an email with the title The Cool Kids & Bun B.

Q:  What’s the name of the collaboration from Bun B and The Cool Kids that is set to appear on ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’

CONTEST OVER.  Answer was “Gas Station”

Matts Larson and Bobby Roc win