Rhymefest & Juice End Beef on Jay iLLa Record?

Andrew Barber 0

The above quotes were lifted from Fest’s Twitter page today.  For his tweets to make sense, please read from the bottom up.

If you didn’t already know, Jay iLLa is working on his latest mixtape, Revenge of the Backpacks 2: Welcome To Chicago, and one notable track is a remake of LL Cool J’s legendary 1997 posse cut “4,3,2,1”, which featured James Todd, DMX, Method Man, Redman and Canibus.  *You may also remember they did a video remix with Master P – where he clearly wasn’t there with the rest of the guys for the shoot and sounded criminally out of place.  Even though Percy was my shit in ’97.*


 Anyhoo, iLLa’s remix features Mikkey Halsted, Juice, Twone Gabz and….wait for it….Rhymefest.  Quite the lineup, I know. 

So as the 1997 version sparked the beef between LL and Canibus, the 2009 (er…2010?) version looks like it might dead the long time rivalry between Juice & ‘Fest (more on that here).  I’ve heard the track sans the Rhymefest verse (who got to record last. Advantage?) – so I wonder if it’s legit, or if any shots are fired (you know how these rappers get sneaky).  But from the looks of things, it appears this is all on the up and up and we might see more collabos from these two in the future. 

*I will note that this is not the first time Juice and Fest have rhymed together recently.  They are both set to appear alongside Vakill on his upcoming album – which may or may never been coming out. 

And for archival purposes: