Video: R. Kelly Talks Michael Jackson + “Ignition”

Andrew Barber 0

If this shot of Kells looks familiar, then it probably is – this is part of the same segment that he filmed for MTV Jams Chicago Day.  If you were watching, I’m sure you saw it (and commented on it). Well, I’ll have that clip shortly, but until then, here’s Robert speaking with Shaheem Reid of MTV about his in-concert tribute to the King of Pop.

I saw the tribute first hand at Rob’s last tour stop in Chicago, and if you missed it, it’s pretty entertaining – if nothing else for it’s sheer ridiculousness. It features Michael Jackson riding around in a car with Brett Ratner (en route to Chris Tucker’s house?) while MJ sings and dances to “Ignition”. Better yet, it’s the remix to “Ignitio

Just listen to Robert tell it.