Video: Vic Mensa & Kids These Days – “Be” Live

Andrew Barber 4

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, so I have no problem admitting that Vic Mensa is one of my favorite emcees doing it right now.  Not that I rap (or have ever rapped), but I wouldn’t have wanted to see this kid in a lunch room battle.  #imjustsayin

via the Brain Gang

Lately Vic Mensa has been hard to catch up with.. I think there was a good 3 month period where I hadn’t heard from him up until about last week. He has a lot going on being in school at Whitney Young, playing soccer, and rapping so a disappearance here and there is acceptable. This right here, makes it all worth the wait. Vic and Kids These Days is a talented group of young adults who can put it down (pause) musically. For more videos from Kids These Days hit up their Vimeo Page.