Mikkey Halsted: Freehand

Andrew Barber 0

You may remember Kane One from some of the various grafitti pics I’ve posted on the site.  Today, he just finished this Mikkey Halsted portrait, in which he incorporated the lyrics to Mikk’s hit “Liquor Store”.  Super dope.  Pay attention to detail…

I just finished a portrait of Mikkey Halsted. It is completely made out of lyrics from his song “Liquor Store.” Fake Shore Drive put me on last year. My inspiration comes from Mikkey’s ability to paint pictures with words. I took to a literal interpretation of the same concept. Mikkey holds a Master’s in education. According to William F. Pinar et. al., for communities who are not a part of privileged mainstream, their real curriculum lives outside of the classroom. And according to Paulo Freire, true transformation can only come from within the oppressed community… Looks like class is in session!

Check out Kane’s site and enroll in his class here.