Twista & Do or Die Have The Most Watched YouTube Video Ever?

Andrew Barber 0

Well, at least 8 hours ago they did. 

Early this morning, it was brought to my attention (shouts to Greg B!) that the song (not video, as there is no official video) for Twista & Do or Die’s “Do You” (which is actually a Do or Die song, from  2003’s Pimpin Ain’t Dead) had 79 BILLION hits on YouTube.  As of January 6th 2010, the estimated population of the earth was 6,794,600,000 people, which means a huge chunk of these people are into Twista and Do or Die (maybe people in China love Belo’s voice?).  Well, that or a haX0r is at work:

Looking at YouTube’s most-viewed videos of all time today reveals an odd intruder. A four-minute music video named “Twista ft. Do Or Die-do you” tops the list with 79,441,058,538 views.

The number is obviously fake, but YouTube() positions it at the top of the list, which will give the video a lot of (unwarranted) attention. The question is: How does one inflate the number of views for a YouTube video to 79 billion? And how long will it take YouTube’s admins to fix it?

The video was posted by YouTube user LadyMC311, but nothing on her profile (if you’re able to endure the awful choice of colors that will make your eyes bleed) indicates how this trick (or hack) was pulled. Other videos she had posted only have a couple hundred clicks.

Either way, someone call George Daniels and lets shoot the video.  They’re still po pimpin.