Video: The Cool Kids + Stalley + Ski Beatz – The Making of “Do It Big”

Andrew Barber 0

I gotta get over to the Dojo before it’s all said and done.  I hear it’s a blast, plus Dame throws great parties, and it’s truly 24 hour Karate School.

Ski’s a beast on the beats, so I’m definitely looking forward to this mixtape.  Ski also produced Curren$y’s “Life Under The Scope” , which was filmed at DD172 with the Creative Control crew, which Chicago’s Coodie & Chike are now a part of.   I’m definitely a fan of this movement.

Stalley and the Cool Kids “Do it Big” as the 3 Midwestern MCs show how they do when the legendary Ski Beatz is on the boards. This making of video provides a glimpse into the Ski Beatz 24 Hour Karate School mixtape he’s been cooking up over at the dojo.